Inner Beast Leather is a combining of two creative leather crafters from New England. The have joined forces to bring their high quality creations to the Florida Renaissance Faire and other amazing faires and shows outside of the New England area.


Kat Williams is the owner and Master Craftswoman of Potted Fox Studios. Her high quality, durable, and unique suede creations can be seen all over New England and now Florida Renaissance Festivals. Kat seeks to help you bring the renaissance to life with her own unique designs that capture the best of history based in fantasy with inspired, period, practical materials. Jerkins to Bodices, pouches to flights of fancy.

Kat in custom corset
Kat wearing a custom Surcoat
Circe Bodice


Christopher Goguen is the Owner and Master Craftsman of Silverleaf Leather. Every step of his leather work is done by his own hands, without the use of machinery. Each piece is cut, dyed, detailed, and assembled individually, ensuring you purchase a high quality item that will last for years and years. Silverleaf Leather focuses on heavier tooling leather to produce a full line of armor, tankards, belts, pouches and Renaissance Faire Accessories.

Elven Ivy Armor
Array of Hard Pouches
Warlord Armor